Campaign for compulsory microchipping for dogs

Do you have your dog microchipped?  Many people feel that part of being a responsible dog owner involves microchipping your dog.  Recently the Sun newspaper wrote an article highlighting attacks that have happened to guide dogs while out with their owners.  Unfortunately, most of these dangerous dogs are never delt with like they should be.  This leaves the guide dog owner emotionally upset and the dog having to overcome it’s own ordeal.  It can cost around £50,000 for the full life (training, support, breed) of the guide dog.  This is very expensive, and such a sad waste of resources if the dog has to be removed from it’s work. Please join the campaign to make microchipping compulsory for all dogs.

Last month the BBC ran a story about how Northern Ireland is passing a new law to make microshipping compulsory. Any stray dogs will be quickly identified and returned to their owners, reducing the numbers taken to dog-pounds which, if unclaimed, eventually have to be put down. Hopefully fewer stray dogs on the streets will also make them safer for guide dogs and humans alike.