Shocking Story: Guide Dog Stolen!

Andrea with Millie
Andrea with Millie

It’s almost unbelievable that someone would steal a pet dog from a front garden. It’s even more distressing to learn that the dog was a guide dog for a blind 5-year old girl, Andrea Taylor. The story is from Hutchinson, Kansas in the USA.

Andrea, who is legally blind and has cerebal palsy along with other complications, was given the dog, Millie, which was experienced as a therapy dog. Andrea’s mother, Lana, says that Andrea gained more independence from having the pit bull dog as a pet because she could play outside with her brothers and sisters and Millie would alert Lana if Andrea needed any help by barking and running back and forth between the two.

Sadly, Millie was stolen from the front garden by people driving a white 4-door car who pulled up, called the dog and drove off when the dog got in the car. Millie hasn’t been seen since, despite the family filing a police report. Naturally, this has devastated Andrea, who has gone from sleeping well at night to crying all night, which obviously stresses the family further.

The family has offered a small cash reward for the return of Millie, which is naturally all Andrea wants, despite the family being offered another dog.

See the video, below…