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This post was most recently updated on February 6th, 2019

[Breaking news… the latest puppies to sponsor… Molly, Milo + Charlie!]

Guide dog puppies Molly, Milo and Charlie
Guide dog puppies Molly, Milo and Charlie

Sponsoring a guide dog is a very charitable and kind thing to do. If you’ve decided to sponsor a guide dog puppy… we’ll show you how easy it is!

Not only will you be giving to a worthwhile charity, the Guide Dog Association for the Blind, you’ll also be helping someone who struggles with their sight to improve their independence, mobility and overall quality of life.

Golden Retriever: Often Used as Guide Dogs
Golden Retriever: often used as Guide Dogs

Did you know that the Guide Dog Association for the Blind breeds over 1,000 puppies each year for the purposes of becoming guide dogs? Those puppies spend their first year with volunteers who initially help to raise them before they spend a further six months working with specialists to learn the skills necessary to be able to work with blind, visually-impaired and partially-sighted people. Your sponsorship will help to maintain that honourable tradition which costs about £21,000 over the lifetime of each guide dog. The working life of a guide dog is only about six or seven years, so each blind person may have several guide dogs during their lifetime.

The Guide Dog Association has training schools in Redbridge, Leamington, Bolton and Forfar, a Breeding Centre near Leamington, and 28 district teams across the UK. They employ over 800 professional staff and a team of more than 10,000 volunteers.

How Much Sponsorship Costs

You can sponsor a guide dog puppy from as little as a pound a week (the direct debit minimum is £4.33 per month) or make a single credit card payment of £104. In return for your puppy sponsorship, you’ll get regular “pupdates” which include information on how well your puppy is doing with its training and little snippets of knowledge such as which is its favourite pet. You’ll also be sent photos and a photo album to keep them in, videos and a personalised certificate of sponsorship. Once a year you’ll get a puppy calendar too. The whole time you’ll know that you’re helping to pay the cost of training the puppy to be a new guide dog for someone with visual difficulties.

Give A Sponsorship As A Gift

If you’d like to, you can sponsor a guide dog as a gift. How it works is that you make the donation, but nominate someone to receive the “pupdates”, photos, videos and calendar. It’s a novel and interesting gift which will get to get the recipient interested in guide dogs in particular and charitable giving in general. Your donation to sponsor a guide dog puppy will help to continue the wonderful work the Guide Dog Association for the Blind charity does.

Dog Charity Campaigns

There are several campaigns that dog charities are currently running which represent a great way to get involved and help make the UK safer for guide dogs and their owners. Firstly, there’s the campaign for compulsory microchipping of all dogs which seeks to have all dogs micro-chipped, thereby allowing owner information to be easily accessed and making dog owners more acountable. It’s hoped that this measure will decrease the number of attacks on guide dogs. Secondly, there’s the campaign for safer streets which wants to make the streets of Britain safer for guide dogs and their owners. There’s also a campaign against VAT being added to guide dog food which, for some odd reason, are not classed as “working dogs”, and are therefore not excempt from VAT on their food.

Latest Puppies To Sponsor…

The newest puppies available to sponsor are these little cuties…

Guide dog puppies Molly, Milo and Charlie
Guide dog puppies Molly, Milo and Charlie

I know you’d just like to take them home and play with them, but Molly, Milo and Charlie are at the Guide Dogs national breeding centre ready to undergo their training to become Guide Dogs. However, you can sponsor them and in return you’ll get regular “pupdates” explaining how well your puppy is progressing through their training, a photo album, a personalised certificate and a calendar at the end of each year.

Take a look at the three newest Guide Dog recruits in the video, below…



Molly is known for being a curious puppy who loves the blue maze and slide in the garden of the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre. She loves exploring with her brothers and sisters! Molly’s a 6-week-old Labrador / Golden Retriever cross puppy, and sister to Milo.


Milo enjoys playing in the garden, especially looking out of the window of the play-house! Milo’s a 6-week-old Labrador / Golden Retriever cross, and brother of Molly.


Charlie likes nothing better than cuddling with his brothers and sisters. He also likes checking out his reflection in the mirror at the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre!

Please consider sponsoring Molly, Milo or Charlie to become fully-trained Guide Dogs. 🙂