Bus journeys leave many blind and partially-sighted people feeling extremely scared and unsafe.

This post was most recently updated on June 29th, 2018

During a recent survey nine out of ten visually-impaired respondents claimed that while using the bus they didn’t know where they were when let off at a stop, or missed their stop completely.  Many people found the drivers of the buses to be unhelpful, even rude on some occassions.  Almost thirty percent of the time drivers of the buses actually refused to let the blind or partially-sighted person know when their stop was coming up!

This is highly dangerous to people with guide dogs and is a horrible situation which should not occur.  Guide Dogs for the Blind have announced a new campaign called,  “Guide Dogs’  Talking Buses”. They are lobbying to make it  compulsory to have audio-visual announcements on buses which will allow people to hear where the next stop will be and also final destinations.  You can help with this campaign by writing to your local MP.  Let’s try to make bus journeys safer for all blind and partially-sighted people.