Warning…these three puppies will melt your heart!

This post was most recently updated on June 29th, 2018

Please note, this page is now out-dated and it kept for reference only. Please visit the homepage for the newest puppies to sponsor. ūüôā

Saffie, Kara and Skipper are three new additions to the Guide Dog training team and they’re looking for sponsorships…

Saffie Kara Skipper
Saffie, Kara and Skipper

Skipper is a Labrador cross Golden Retriever and loves running around and playing in the garden.¬†Saffie is Skipper’s sister who is also looking for sponsorship; she¬†loves playing¬†with Skipper¬†and also likes a good cuddle.¬†Kara is a Labrador cross German shepherd who is¬†looking for sponsorship.¬†She has jet¬†black hair and gorgeous green eyes. She is a typical puppy who loves to play all day long! All three puppies are beautiful and are looking for your help.¬†Please help to sponsor one or all of the puppies and make a difference to someone’s life.